So deep in Chu He’s heart,Also quite clear。

So deep in Chu He’s heart,Also quite clear。

Entangle these things,Actually speaking,It’s not that important anymore。

“go back,In addition, recruit me more masters。”

“Meet this kid next time,I must get rid of him!”


When Chuhe said this,The people around nodded repeatedly。

If so,Seems to be so。

otherwise,They think about these things now,Suddenly feel very headache。

And with these people,While still thinking about it。

Now,Actually Chu He is watching these,He gritted his teeth。

“Humph,Ye Xuan,This time you are lucky。”

“But next time I met,But it’s not that simple。”

Look at Chu River,Actually such a thing,Essentially,It’s the key point。

And Chu River itself,In fact, I don’t even think,What’s the problem with this look。

and so,Chu He thought of this in his heart,In fact,I probably understand。