"Snow in the snow" will broadcast Zhang Ruozhen: This play makes me have a deeper feeling about "lost".

"Snow in the snow" will broadcast Zhang Ruozhen: This play makes me have a deeper feeling about "lost".

  New fast news reporter Liang Yanfen reported that the costumes of the population "Snow" will be broadcast on CCTV TV (CCTV-8) in the CCTV TV (CCTV-8) tomorrow night (15th). Zhang Ruo, who appeared in the male protagonist Xu Fengnian, receiving the interview. Compared with the "Qing Yu Yue" in the previous period, Xu Fengnian’s color year is more sad than Fani. "Snow in the snow" is adapted from the synonymous novel of the online writer "Bonfire", telling the family of Xu Fengnian, one person, a knife, with his own body, the north cool war flag, guarding peace, guarding the family, and finally Growing a story of Northern King.

Zhang Ruoyu starred in the male protagonist Xu Fengnian, when reading the original novel and watching the script, Zhang Ruozhen felt the deepest is that the blood and family feelings in the bones of Xu Fengnian. In the process of interpretation of Xu Fengnian, Zhang Ruozhen also strive to look for roles and their own connection points, "It is some feelings and experiences of ‘lost’.

"Zhang Ruo said that when the original author" bonfire play princes "came to the class, the two had a deep discussion on Xu Feng years." The "Bonfire play princes’ said, I am very useful, that is, from the small people, Xu Fengnian Yes, there is something that others care about.

But he lost his mother from a small child, so some people feel very natural, but he is particularly care.

He always wants to seize the loved ones around, but walk all the way, all the way.

The so-called a lot of responsibilities is the expectation of others, and what he really wants to catch it is, it is actually lost.

"In the outside world," Qing Yu Yu "Xu Fengnian said, Zhang Ruo said that when he received this role of Xu Feng years, the first time did" look for Xu Fengnian and Fani Different points "," In general, Xu Fengnian is more cold in cold.

Fan idle, in fact, in the heart, it is a bit bad; Xu Feng years dresss the child, but the heart is very sad.

It should be said that the background of Xu Feng years is more sad than Fani. "For the" old play bones ", Zhang Ruo is very happy," "Dear teachers furnished, I think each other is mutual achievement." My acting is raised, in fact, is a service for my opponent. And my play must help me with an opponent. Eventually, no matter what I presented, everyone helped me presented.

So keep up with good opponents. "Hu Jun played Xu Fengnian’s father Xu Yu in" Snow in Snow ", this is a larger role.

Hu Jun said that he is a father and son in the play, but it is like a "brother", and it is more unique to each other. When Zhang Ruo said, when he talked about this father and son, "I think it is very distressed in my bones, he is in front of his father, hiding boundless distressed and love.

"In addition to Zhang Ruoyu and Hu Jun, Li Gengxi, Gao Weiguang, Zhang Tian, ??Liu Run, Qiu Xinzhi, Tian Xiaojie, Wang Tianchen, Li Pure, Ding Xiao, Dong Yan, Liao Hui, etc. Extended the important role in the drama.