[Review line] Tianfu Net Review: Activated red gene with excellent red literature

[Review line] Tianfu Net Review: Activated red gene with excellent red literature

  In the literary store of the Chinese Communist History Exhibition Hall, the dazzling red literate products attract the audience to stop selection; in the Luobu House next to the Beijing Lu Xun Museum, the canvas bag, notebook, badge, etc. designed by "new youth", etc. People are favored; in the "one big cultural" store in the north side of the Chinese Communist Party of China, the food launched by the old name brand in Shanghai has become the preferred choice for citizens and tourists … Today, the red landmark is a common style, related to it. Red Wenchuang is also increasingly welcome.

  Revolutionary culture and socialist advanced culture are fertile soil that nourishes red literary design. In recent years, a group of Wenchuang designers fully explore and use red resources, understand the red spiritual connotation, find the docking point of red culture and mass demand, and strive to activate the red gene with excellent red literature.

  Red text into red elements.

Excellent red literary, is not only a window for the party history, and it is also a bridge that establishes an emotional connection. Historical family’s feelings, the heart behind the cultural relics, should become the shiny foundation of red literature. Red culture has material sex and intangible dual attributes, and it is necessary to extract the revolutionary commemoration, the hivore, revolutionary site, remains, revolutionary cultural relics, and the invisible elements such as belief, system and revolutionary spirit, effectively Integrate into Wenchuang. At the same time, the red cultural gene is vividly displayed by the literary creation, so that the red culture has a cultural thickness, the art height and emotional temperature, and the new era. Red Wenchuang enriched cultural experience.

Digital era, the sun-changing scientific and technological progress has opened up many new development spaces for red text.

Some designers actively transform red resources, innovative red cultural experience, enhance the appeal and appeal of red culture in the form of digital technology.

From the line to the line, the form of red literature is more diverse, and the communication channel is also more diverse.

In recent years, the number of online cultured stores in the red venue has increased rapidly, and people can purchase the red literary product of the heart without leaving home. Under technology leaders, digital production, networked communication, personalized consumption is driving red culture and trend culture depth, making more excellent red literary "fire". Red literature activates youth. "The future belongs to youth, I hope to send youth.

"Red Wenchuang, add positive power to the growth of youth.

The red literary design should seize the youth’s curiosity, tell the story of meaning in the interesting way, so that the red culture can know, can be close, stimulate the teenage active learning, explore the interest of revolutionary history. In the historical process of unity leading the people to conduct revolution, construction, and reform, youth heroes have emerged.

Their revolutionary story is the source of nourishing contemporary youth soul.

Red Wenchuang design should pay attention to excavating creative inspiration from red resources, telling red stories in your youth, realizing emotional resonance, stimulating the spiritual power of the majority of young beliefs, beliefs, confidence.