[Netary] "Reverse Spring Festival", the direction is constant, the reunion

[Netary] "Reverse Spring Festival", the direction is constant, the reunion

The young people of entrepreneurship, the position of the position, the new immigrant city, this Spring Festival, they receive their families to the side, struggle and reunion, using youth, passion, busy, reunion to write 2020 different happiness years . (January 19 Xinhuanet) Home New Year is the traditional Chinese generation, and is also the theme of the eternal Spring Festival.

In people’s traditional impression, the Spring Festival is a young man carrying luggage, returning to the home from the big city, but in recent years, some people have not chosen to return home, but to pick up their parents and children from home to their own side, This new type of Chinese New Year is called "reverse Spring Festival".

Diversified society, the home is no longer the only choice.

For each family, the relatives of the relatives are home, encourage "reverse Spring Festival", should say that there is a "window" for people in the traditional manner, do not have to stick to our towns, go out Look at the scene outside the window, let them understand the customs of the city, let the exciting builders have a sense of belonging, so, "reverse Spring Festival" will form a warmth.

"Reverse Spring Festival", changing the direction of migration, the unchanging is the beginning of the pursuit of reunion. In the past, the city has no sense and belonging to many migrants. With the advancement of urbanization, convenient transportation has greatly shortened the spatial distance from home to the city, and there are more and more people to settle in the city.

At the same time, picking a loved ones to the city, share the fun of Tianlun, get comfort in the emotion, can also solve the hometown.

"Reverse Spring Festival" is active in the country, and it is great to make the Spring Festival itself make more meaningful. Under the "one-way flow", "reverse Spring Festival" makes the family no longer unsained.

It can be seen that the railway, airlines and other departments have made targeted adjustments to the "reverse Spring Festival", and guide passengers to travel through price adjustment. Fill in the role, but also the soothing of capacity, it can be said that it is a precision policy.

We look forward to improving these measures in the future, providing more convenient channels for customers who choose "Reverse Spring Festival", so that the players are full of feelings.

The direction is the direction, the reunion is the reunion. People often say "there is no money, go home for the New Year", but "home" meaning is not only limited to the hometown, "reverse Spring Festival" refraction is the change of the ideological concept of Chinese people, but also the active development of socio-economic development. It should be, in the city’s New Year, go home, no matter whether it is reversing, the Spring Festival is always the love of thoughts. (Li Wei).