[Review Line] Read "Jiji Password" from the experience of party history

[Review Line] Read "Jiji Password" from the experience of party history

  A few days ago, the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session was held in Beijing.

General Secretary Xi Jinping has explained the plenary session on the General Achievements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Historical Experience (discussion).

The party history is magnificent, and the end of the year is a toughness. It is our party’s fine tradition with historical printing, guiding practice.

We must use the history as a teacher. Read "Faith" from the experience of party history, "followers" to do truth. Faith, such as torch, ideal, as bright lights.

The fire of ideals and beliefs will never go out, and the candlelights will take the way forward.

Why is the Communists’ beliefs so firmly, because theirism of their belief is the truth of the universe, it is to change China’s destiny, revitalize the Chinese nation, and benefit the Chinese people’s powerful weapons. Looking back in the history of the 100th year, the light of the beliefs, the truth is the way. In various historical periods of revolution, construction and reform, countless Communist Party members use life to make mission, use blood to cast loyalty, the firmness of communism and the firmness of Marxism is the powerful spiritual pillar of the storm test.

At the new journey of the Warm Warries, we must inspire the beliefs from the achievements and experience of the party history, learn the power, and learn the truth of the Marxism as a habit, a pursuit, consciously use Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, in Adhere to the truth, defending and practicing truth in great practice.

  Read "Woman" and do the "struggle" in the times from the experience of party history.

It is the most distinctive political character of the Communist Party of China.

Since the establishment of the party, he has a historical mission of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The History of the 100th Anniversary is a history of rumor, and the work is a history. Whether it is a national independent democratic revolution, or save the national dangerous anti-Japanese war, or lead the reform and opening up of the nation, it reflects the Chinese Communists not fear of strong enemies, not afraid, dare to act, and be brave enough. We rely on the assumption of various tests, and we will also rely on the aid to win the future.

In the face of various risk challenges in the new journey, "I have to be beaten, be beaten in the war", inheriting the spirit of "Dare to Teach the Sun Moon to change the new day", learning "I am not afraid of suffering , I am not afraid of tired "battle spirit, always maintaining a strong fighting, in front of the contradiction, stringing in front of the crisis, has received the" Relay War "of history, take a long ruling road in the new era.

  Read "Dedication" from the experience experience of party history, "Servers" of the people. The Communist Party of China is born in the people and Since its establishment, the party has made a happiness in the Chinese people. It is the initiative and mission of the Chinese nation as its own initiative and mission.

From "Little Red Boat" to "轮", from more than 50 party members’ small party to become the largest ruling party in the world, the root cause is that the party has won the people in the people’s dedication.

The heart is the biggest politics.

The Communist Party of China hits Jiangshan, guarding Jiangshan, and is the heart of the people.

Continue to work on the new journey, to stand firm "people’s first" position, adhere to the "people-centered" development thoughts, always be the first signal of the people, the people’s voice, as the first signal from the official business, is a happy family During the process, I truly combined with the people, do a good job in the people’s public servants, constantly improving people’s livelihood, and sacrificed the "Little I" sacrificed to achieve the "big me" of the people. Zhang Lijun Edited:.