[Network] even in the world of overseas Chinese in the second half war "plague" help "second home"

[Network] even in the world of overseas Chinese in the second half war "plague" help "second home"

Since the new crown virus number diagnosed continues to rise, the British Prime Minister Johnson announced on March 23 the All England began to take a "closed" measures, people were asked to stay at home, but you can still go out to buy food, exercise and do the necessary work, followed by non required shops and companies have to be closed down, it shall not be more than two non-identical family gathering. This is known as the most stringent measures taken by the British after World War II, police are empowered, they can be punished for violations of those provisions. April 2, the new British crown virus growth in the number of confirmed 4244 cases of the previous day, reaching 33,718 cases, the death toll has reached 2921 cases.

It is estimated that the actual number of patients newly infected with pneumonia British crown to be much higher, because the current British crown only inpatient new virus test.

After telling the British public "epidemic may make a lot of people ahead of losing a loved one," March 26 British Prime Minister Tony Johnson announced that his new crown virus tested positive, Charles Minister Prince and sanitation Prince also announced that tests positive . At the same time, the British government has not been able to perform sufficient testing has also been questioned by local media, many medical institutions have been constant reports of inadequate medical personal protective equipment cases. Recently, a Chinese student studying in the UK Wu Peng fire, because he released the British epidemic data growth chart made on social media. Not only by the British friends of praise, but also by the British media and official attention.

Wu Peng in an interview with People’s Daily said in an interview, "On March 5, the day see the British press, the same day, 115 new cases diagnosed pneumonia crown, was very surprised, because it is a total of more than 20 cases of confirmed cases throughout February. So from that day on, I learned the use of statistical knowledge at undergraduate level to do a new patient chart pneumonia British crown, posted on Twitter, hoping in this way more intuitive to see the changes in the UK figures.

March 5 from No. So far I have been concerned about changes in the UK’s epidemic, my charts are also drawn to the attention of the British media and friends. "For his unexpected popularity, Wu Peng equanimity.

He said, "This is a matter worth pursuing, because it can help you.

"The UK Alumni Association, Wuhan University, Xiao Lan said is" playing a game "overseas Chinese.

From January to mid-February, she basically went through the most difficult period domestic situation, understand the severity of the pneumonia outbreak of a new crown.

But the British treatment of the epidemic’s attitude is very loose, not enough understanding of the virus. "I returned to the UK from mid-February when China was under the plane, luggage, until the entry of detecting and did not encounter any inquiry, and basically no one wearing a mask. I had just come home, so wearing a mask , the taxi driver told me that, you go to England, you can not wear a mask.

"Although she is very surprised by the rapid development of the UK epidemic, but also that it expected.

Wuhan University, UK Alumni Association recently invited Wuhan Central Hospital doctors in England and so do the alumni lecture on new crown pneumonia, but also from national organizations a lot of masks, disinfectant and other quarantine contains items distributed to alumni. Alumni also British local hospital gave donations of some epidemic prevention materials.

As the British hospital stringent quarantine requirements for materials, so the donated materials were donated to individual doctors on hand, and then by a doctor to determine how they like to use reasonable. She is in charge of communication and help people in some parts of England and Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University People’s Hospital and experienced doctors epidemic communicate online. Alumni also help some of the UK’s domestic medical institutions sourcing ventilator. "This process is very difficult," Xiao Lan said, "Now the average week, prices will probably double, not to say that companies hope the price, but price increases in raw material supply itself.

And the scarcity of raw materials in the world, able to open domestic plant capacity to the maximum can not meet current market demand.

Now all they have orders to schedule a June. "Xiao Lan said, some people think that, because the Chinese overseas buyout medical supplies, leading to NHS no masks. This argument is absurd and illogical, though in our country the worst of the epidemic, including Wuhan University alumni, including many Chinese organizations make every effort to collect so you can get the supplies donated to the hands of the doctor domestic hospitals.

But then purchase these protective equipment in the United Kingdom, because of their NHS supply system in the supply of resources to protect themselves, so do not buy Chinese organizations and NHS system, so the British NHS is currently a shortage of medical supplies situation can not simply blame the Chinese head superior.

With some friends in the UK during the contact, Xiao Lan also because several parents said the new British crown pneumonia "China virus" And with them from the conflict.

"We were a few Chinese parents are very angry, they unite wrote a very long letter sent to the parents of the group, then the group of other British parents began to support us, believe we are talking about is quite justified." "in the face of discrimination, this thing, really need every Chinese overseas at a critical time to stand up for their legitimate rights and interests of sound.

"Xiao Lan expressed excitedly.