Yunnan party foreign intellectuals share entrepreneurial stories together to grate with "new era"

Yunnan party foreign intellectuals share entrepreneurial stories together to grate with "new era"

[Font:] "My Youth My Struggle" Party Foreign Intellectual Story Sharing Activity 24, Yunnan Kunming, Yunnan’s party foreign intellectuals gathered together to share their own entrepreneurial stories and grate together "new era".

The picture shows the recording "character – firm belief" to the party’s foreign intellectuals.超 摄 摄 分 活动 活动 由 主 主 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省. 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省 省Before the event, the relevant person in charge of the Work Office of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, said that "more than 420 Yunnan party foreign intellectuals have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Yunnan, and actively participate Deversion of poverty, fighting new coronal pneumonia epidemics, rural revitalization, playing an important role.

"The picture shows the party’s external intellectual sharing entrepreneurial story.

Yu Chao photo sharing, Yunnan, by General Manager Zhang Yanbin, general manager of Your Food Co., Ltd., shared the story of a college entrepreneur. In 2007, when he graduated from his university, he faced the difficulties lack of entrepreneurial startup funds. "At that time, the college students founded the university-free loan policy, giving me a startup funds, and the government also organized from the big The company’s entrepreneurial instructor guides our college entrepreneurs to help us go to success.

"He said that the current entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, and college students will receive help support from the Industry and Commerce, Women’s Federation, Communist Youth League and other departments.

  "Reading changes fate.

Yao Jian, general manager of Yunnan Country Garden Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., told his grandfather’s story before sharing entrepreneurial experience.

Before the liberation, his grandfather became a long-term work of the landlord, the landlord never gave a full meal, afraid that the child grew up and did not go to the mine. The Chinese Communist Party liberated all China. He graduated his grandfather to learn 3,000 Chinese characters.

Therefore, Yao Jian knows that learning is important. He is hard to study abroad, and later started in Thailand, selling China’s electronic lock and other electrical products. "Without Communist Party, our home may now have no food, don’t mention that I can go abroad, so I have to feel the party." Yang Hui, general manager of Yunnan Division, Ltd. Under the sea.

She said, as an entrepreneur, manager, need a perspective of the high-rise, in the process of entrepreneurship and development, the concern of the United Front Department, entered the training study of the Socialism School and the domestic first-class university, let her Higher the perspective, longer sight, wider viewing. "It is the warmth of the party and the government to support us. I and my team will be responsible for the country, for the society, for the enterprise, to assume the responsibility for the family." Liu Weipeng, the founder of Jiu En Foreign Language School, shared his birth and poor Family, through studying, studying abroad, returning to the success of entrepreneurship. He said, "In this great new era of the wind, I will assume social responsibility as the value of life, and put the struggle as an attitude of life.

"The picture shows the photo of the party foreign intellectuals participating in the event.

On the same day, the party foreign intellectuals participating in the event also learned the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and watched the documentary "character – firm belief", revisiting the party’s history, chasing the precious revolutionary ancestors The spirit, enhanced the spiritual power of the Chinese Communist Party and the belonging to the organization.

(The Yunnan Provincial Party Committee "contributed to the US Department