The beginning of the stormy, the mission is there! Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration

The beginning of the stormy, the mission is there! Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration

"New coronary virus" comes, affecting each of our people.

At the front line, white soldiers and virus fighting, and time racing, it is a great retrorefriend! In the rear, the Hebei drug supervisor is fully committed to the soldiers to cast the armor, building a defense line for the public, and constantly transport "ammunition" for the front line, they are invisible retrograms! Keep in mind the mission, the people’s supremacy medical equipment is a necessity for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Since the epidemic, the Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration has canceled the vacation, stick to the front line, resolutely picks up political responsibility, focusing on "excellent service guarantee, strong supervision quality" two major goals, at the time of war, war speed, war time efficiency , Contributed to winning the epidemic prevention and control.

Do everything possible, guarantee supply according to the "SARS" prevention and control experience, the Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration in advance, take the initiative, innovative measures, provide the most powerful medical materials for epidemic prevention and control.

First, strengthen the active active, and comprehensively find out the epidemic situation, the first month of the Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration held the 14th medical masks and other production enterprises and other production enterprises, mobilization enterprises to restore production as soon as possible, and sent a multi-channel working group to enter the enterprise. On-site guidance dispatch. After a comprehensive test, on-site investigation, 7 companies with relevant production qualifications have developed a support for guidance programs, helping companies transfer to the fastest speed.

The second is to strengthen the company’s help, the whole tracking service is aimed at the relevant enterprises without medical protection service production experience, adopting the provincial bureau to the way to the mouthpac, the city and county bureau, with the company, to help the company, and establish a company and Multi-departmental WeChat groups such as medical equipment test, approval, and the difficult problems encountered in real time, providing full tracking services, and go all out to promote enterprises as soon as possible.

The third is to strengthen the emergency examination and approval, and the green channel is opened according to the principle of "unified command, early intervention, with the scientific approval" and scientific approval, and to ensure the quality of product quality, technical review and on-site inspection "three synchronization" .

At the same time, decisively adopt a lack of approval, and the conditions for approval, maximize compression time, to prepare the registration number and license number for the enterprise, facilitate the design of the company to design the packaging, label and instructions in advance.

Up to now, the Hebei Provincial Food and Drug Administration has completed 30 parts of various pharmacterical emergency examination and approval, so that the medical protective clothing in Hebei Province has risen from zero to nearly 50,000 sets; approved 3 companies to transform medical masks, so that the medical mask is 1.2 million.

Approval of the pre-treatment processing of Chinese herbal medicines, entrusting the production of Chinese herbal medicines, and the Yuling Pharmaceuticals have increased by 11 million daily output; approve stone medicine and stone four drugs to increase raw material suppliers, so that Abe Dolog Capsules The daily production reached 1 million, which contributed to the power of winning the epidemic prevention and control! .