Thrall used great perseverance,Contained the demon in my heart,No choice to kill prisoners。

It’s not because of the chosen son,Is not a kind heart。
Taresa’s death hurt Thrall a great deal,His anger has nowhere to tell。
But because Spartacus notified him and Orgrim,The knight king is coming。
Cromie did a good job,In other words, the power of Moon God is really powerful。
Prisoner of war weakened by the failure of demon blood,Because of the defeat of the tribe and the ailing orcs,because“Son of the Chosen”Thrall’s encouragement regrouped?!
Just take it。
in short,The orc is over-spirited,Expanded。
Although the orcs were not free after the defeat,But from the result,But because of human detention and slavery policy,Which restored the population。
“perhaps,We can use these captives to negotiate with the knight king。”
Thrall is thinking about feasibility。
“I thought you were going to design a trap to catch the Barov kid,There are two hundred thousand of our compatriots in the forest of Alterant。”
Orgrim sipped to the ground。
For unknown sources“Medivh”,Orgrim.Doomhammer has a natural resistance。
so similar,It’s too similar to Gul’dan’s second and fifth boy,The breath of the god stick,You can smell it all eight hundred miles away。