Qin Shi pushed the dean away,Took out the phone and dialed a number,The dean was pushed down on a chair,Touch my neck,Staring at Qin Shi。

Qin Shi turned on the speaker,After a while,There was a voice over the phone。
“Hello,Dear World UnionPay Amethyst member,How can I help you?”
Due to the different regions of incoming calls displayed by satellite positioning,Therefore, the customer service language of World UnionPay will be adapted accordingly。
“Let your chairman answer the phone。”
“please wait。”
Obviously panicked over there。
World UnionPay,Almost all banks in the world are in it,Amethyst members,No more than ten people in the world。
These people are very noble,The chairman of UnionPay must be respectful。
A foreigner’s voice came over the phone,Speaking in bad language:“Hello,Mr。”
Qin Shi said loudly:“Richard,There is a Feixing Group here,Doesn’t seem to recognize me as an Amethyst member,it depends on you!”
the other side,Richard had already heard Qin Shi’s tough voice,I was so nervous that all the cigars in my hand fell to the ground,Cold sweat came out on my forehead。
“do not worry!We will investigate immediately!”
Qin Shi looked at the dean with ashen face,Shook his head,Move to the front of Zhang Man。
“mom,What else are they doing,Just tell me。”
Zhang Man said:“It’s fine if you come。”
“Bell bell bell…”
The landline on the dean’s desk rang,The manager looks down,It turned out to be Jin Dongzhe, the president of Feixing Group!
Is this man,Is really one of the owners of Amethyst Card?