“Don’t come over!”

Lin Yun protects her chest,Roar weakly。
“Scream,You will scream louder later,Bring them all to see the look of Deputy Dong Lin。”
at the same time,Qin Shi has broken into the Galaxy Hotel!
Behind,Li Qingqiu!Aniu!With the security team!
Further back,It’s the big guys in the dark world of Nancheng!
There are hundreds of people,Rush to the hotel together!
They encountered no obstacles,Mayor Liu has arranged for the police to surround the Galaxy Hotel!
Just ran to the third floor,Qin Shi heard Lin Yun’s cry from the corridor!
“what!Qin Shi!”
Qin Shi turned to look,really,There are two strong men standing in front of a door。
Must be there!
Qin Shi ran to the door at lightning speed,The two strong men barely reacted!
Until Qin Shi stood up,The brawny frowned and asked。
“you are……what!”