to this end,Boss Joe is very proud。

In the last month,He often appears in various newspapers and magazines。
And I started to like to accept interviews。
After all, Shen Huan was the first one he discovered。
Even if Shen Huan didn’t sign with his Hornets,But Boss Joe’s insight knows people,But no one can erase。
You dare to say that all I fancy is rubbish?
Even if all the players I signed in the future cannot be played,But I discovered Shen Huan,Is enough to make me brag for a lifetime!
Just like the basketball god’s own skills!
When I think of my own vision, I finally get shame,Can be compared with my own skills,Boss Qiao feels very comfortable,I can’t wait to add another egg to my meal。
Not without the heat。
For example, I didn’t like Shen Huan’s Obese,Jumped out to touch porcelain。
“They say that Shen Huan is better than me,But i’m not convinced,I deducted19Basketball hoop,He is only2A!
But I suggest we can try it together,Let fans all over the world enjoy it,See the performances of the two most powerful basketball stars in the world。”
Of course,This guy is charged。
He plans to use the live broadcast rights1000Sold to his old club for a sky-high price of ten thousand dollarsTNT,By the way, there will be more than a dozen advertisers’ supplies andLOGO,Can make millions。
O’Fang is very righteous and said that he shared equally with Shen Huan。
have to say,As the most flexible fat man,O’Pan is better than Barkley,Really makes sense。
People don’t have the burden of idols。
Shameless,Making money is the most important。
But Shen Huan did not respond to his proposal。