Fluttershy smiles completely!
“What are you laughing at?Am i wrong?”
Qin Liang asked suspiciously。
“Please……I’m from the same country as you!I was born in this country,Grew up in this country!”
Fluttershy’s serious explanation。
“Deceive!Absolutely impossible!You are exactly a typical Russian girl,Even your eyes are blue!You think i’m stupid!”
Qin Liang immediately refuted Xiaodie。
“I did not lie to you,Let me be honest with you……My mother is russian,Dad is the same as you,Is from a country,I am a mixed race,But……What you said is not all wrong,I do have half Russian ancestry。”
Xiaodie explained to Qin Liang very seriously。
“Turned out to be like this!No wonder……but,You seem to have inherited your mother’s genes more,Because I can’t see that you are from our country,What do i think of you,How is a Russian beauty!I’m not exaggerating at all,I’m telling the truth!”
Qin Liang was surprised,Mixed blood can mix to the level of Fluttershy,That’s no one……
“Maybe like you said,I have a lot of inheritance from my mother, right?……Ha ha,But I never think I am a foreigner,And I am not!”
Fluttershy said。
Actually Qin Liang is not the first person to regard her as a Russian beauty,It will never be the last。